Anime-Style Action ‘Punishing Gray Raven’ Adding ‘Imprisoned Sight’ Update and New Boss

Kuro Game is bringing the next chapter to anime-style action game Punishing: Gray Raven with the Imprisoned Sight update. The latest chapter brings a new S-rank construct, a new formidable boss, new coatings and weapons, as well as the Eden Festival.

Style and action seamlessly blend in Punishing: Gray Raven which features frantic combo-chaining combat. Unleash an elegant flurry of sweeping blade attacks, dodge and parry enemy attacks to trigger bullet time effects to land additional attacks. Players can also tag-team in online co-op for up to three players.

In Imprisoned Sight, players will meet the latest S-rank construct Chrome: Glory. As the leader of the Strike Hawk Squad, Glory is formidable on the battlefield. Glory’s interlude will take players through his story, learning about the character’s multiple facets as well as learning about other characters along the way, adding to the title’s deep ongoing visual novel-style narrative.

In addition to the challenges players will encounter in the new chapter such as the intimidating new boss Hive Mother, the new gameplay feature Blind Simulation will be available beginning on September 30th. Players will engage in the Mycenaean Protocol to upgrade specific characters to take on new challenges.

Along with the arrival of Glory, players can participate in the Eden Festival. During the festival, 24 characters will be put into three groups with players being able to vote for their favorite characters. Players that participate in the Eden Festival will have the chance to earn rewards such as a coating pick supply pack, Levi-gun weapon coating, decor items, and more.

Imprisoned Sight is available now in Punishing: Gray Raven and brings the S-rank construct Chrome: Glory, weapon and construct coatings, new scenes, story, and for a limited time 100% rate-up bonuses. Punishing: Gray Raven is available to download for free on the App Store or Google Play. Commandants can connect with the developers and other fans around the world by following the game on Twitter and Facebook or joining the official Discord.

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