Prison Architect: Gangs Announced for PC and Consoles

Introducing gang warfare, Gangs adds another level of chaos to the popular prison management simulator. Bring order to your correctional facility and manage its Boiling Point, reforming gang members and protecting inmates and staff. Prison Architect: Gangs will be released soon on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

Show gangs who’s boss by enforcing a strict code of conduct among your inmates, and turn gang members into valuable members of society. Gangs will form and grow throughout your facility, with each group having its own personality and reputation. As a result, inmates with certain traits will naturally be attracted to specific gangs. Take inventory of your population by measuring your prison’s “temperature”, which will get hotter (read: more dangerous) as gangs grow and flex their muscle.

Wardens can enact methods of inmate reform and release, with programs like Gang Rehabilitation, to slow the spread of gang activity. State-of-the-art rooms are available for architects, with options to install a tattoo removal center or a regulated fight club for prisoners to get out their aggression. Watch out for Crooked guards, as they may try to smuggle in contraband or accept bribes from gang leaders. Wardens can weed these bad seeds out during the hiring process and recruit investigators to identify guards who have become corrupt.

Prison Architect: Gangs – Announcement Trailer

Prison Architect: Gangs Key Features:

  • Meet the gang: Gangs form and grow by gang members arriving by in-take or by recruitment. Each gang has its own personality and traits, and will naturally be drawn to recruiting prisoners with the same specific attributes.
  • Boiling Point: Now you can measure your inmates and your prison’s “temperature”. As gangs grow and begin to flex their strength, the ‘danger temperature’ of your prison will rise. Thanks to the ‘Boiling point’ UI, you get a detailed overview of what’s affecting the life of your inmates, allowing you to act swiftly, keeping them happy, and preventing irrepressible riots.
  • Reform and release: Gang members are now allowed to leave their crew, help them come clean by removing their tattoos and enrolling them in the Gang Rehabilitation Program.
  • New rooms: Use the Tattoo Removal Room to remove gangs’ tattoos, or have gang members train in the Fight Club Room, turning their destructive energy into fighting in a controlled environment.
  • Crooked guards: Gangs may coerce guards into smuggling contraband or accepting bribes. You can vet guards during the hiring process (Bureaucracy) as well as recruit C.I.s to identify guards that have turned.

Launching alongside the Gangs expansion is Kite, a free update available to all players. This update brings a variety of improvements to Prison Architect including, more wardens, guard dogs, room sizes and much more. Kite also introduces prison capacity options, allowing players to fill in specific levels of your facility. The update also provides several improvements to the game’s menus and mechanics.

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