Post-Apo Builder: Prologue is now on Steam

Post Apo Builder
Post Apo Builder

We’ve got some news for you – it’s annoucment of Post-Apo Builder: Prologue on steam

Deleoped by Septarian Games – polish studio that focuses on many types of games with a team of talented and expierenced developers

Check it out on steam page:

Prologue Invitation

Survivors! The day of trial is coming ! Are you ready to meet the challenge assigned by the council of elders? You’ll get a dozen of trusted people to command, and your initial amount of resources. It will only be up to you to survive and complete the task entrusted to you ! The time has come to leave your safe house and begin colonizing the wasteland. If you are ready Sign up and be prepared for the call !

Description Post-Apo Builder

Build your own city in a post-apocalyptic future.
Scavenge and fight for resources, everything counts!
Restore civilization on the ashes of the fallen world!
Explore wastelands to gather resources, protect and take care of your people!
Fight off raiders, wild tribesman and natural disasters.

Key Features Post-Apo Builder

  • Moral dilemmas ability to become tyrant or savior of The wasteland
  • Post-Apo city building
  • Vechicles constructor
  • Intresting plot and side quests
  • Sandbox mode