PopSlinger Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Today, Leoful is excited to announce soda musical shooter, PopSlinger, launches September 8 on Nintendo Switch in Asia.

(NEW) Youtube – PopSlinger – Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch) – https://youtu.be/-3np5OK4qtU

Video game publisher Leoful and Mexican indie game developer Funky Can Creative are pleased to announce soda musical shooter, is arriving on Nintendo Switch in Asia on September 8, 2022. Pre-orders begin today at a 10% early bird discount on Nintendo eShop in Hong Kong and South Korea.
PopSlinger is a vibrant musical shooter inspired by New Retro culture from the ’80s and ’90s. You play as Ria Carbon, a funky heroine on a stylish quest to save the world from sinister invaders with the help of a soda-powered gun. Enjoy a dynamic soundtrack inspired by music genres such as Future Funk and New Jack Swing.

PopSlinger is set to launch digitally in Hong Kong and South Korea on Nintendo eShop on September 8, 2022. The game supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

Watch the PopSlinger launch trailer: https://youtu.be/-3np5OK4qtU

About the game PopSlinger

PopSlinger is a vibrant, narrative-focused musical shooter inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s New Retro culture.
Join Ria Carbon, a funky heroine on a stylish quest to save the world from sinister invaders from another dimension using soda-powered guns. Backing Ria up is former PopSlinger heroine, Gin!

Experience the whimsical story of Ria and Gin as they fight against the “Corazones”, people whose hearts have been corrupted by the dark forces from the other dimension, all while grooving to a fully dynamic soundtrack that reacts to your in-game performance in real-time.

  • Immerse into an epic adventure with a dreamy aesthetics inspired by 90’s Japanese animation, brought to life with a marker art style and VHS-infused 2D sprites, with fully-voiced dialogue cutscenes employing vibrantly animated hand-drawn portraits
  • Unleash a soft drink-powered magical arsenal
  • Groove to a dynamic soundtrack inspired by an eclectic mix of music genres (Future Funk, New Jack Swing and more!)
  • Enjoy a narrative inspired by 90’s magical girl shows and classic Japanese films and television, loaded with special effects

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