Playtika Studio announces the global launch of Merge Stories

Israeli-based Jelly Button®, a Playtika® studio, today announces the global launch of Merge Stories, a new free-to-play casual mobile game that takes merge gaming to new heights.

Merge Stories unites two worlds of gaming in one, unlike anything seen before. Developed in-house by Jelly Button, the game creates a whole new category by combining merge gaming and battle play with incredible 3D graphics for a completely new experience. Merge Stories also innovates traditional merge gameplay by being one of the first of its kind to enable players to merge non-identical items.

Following its successful soft launch, the game is now available globally. Players can build their own kingdoms, raid enemy lands, discover new territories, earn resources, protect their kingdom, be the strongest and beat the gods to reveal new units, interesting battles, and new experiences!

Merge Stories joins the company’s diverse portfolio and maintains its high standards of gameplay content and visuals. It is also a reflection of Playtika’s work to expand into new genres and approach all kinds of audiences with new experiences.

Simply by playing the game, players will be among the first to check out a one-of-a-kind combination of merge and casual battle gameplay. In doing so, they will adventure through endless battle strategies, take on story-driven special quests, unlock a diversity of characters that keep their kingdoms growing – from powerful units to a smashing dragon, and merge to create the strongest units and best defense for their kingdom. Each unit in the game also has its own skill to enable players to plan their best raid strategy.

Players will see lots of activity surrounding the launch in the US, as well as worldwide, and surprises are planned over the next few months to introduce Merge Stories to audiences across the globe. Fans who jump on cutting-edge new games before everyone else should also look out for Merge Stories.

Merge Stories is now available in English, French, German and Spanish – with more languages to come.

Meir Shitrit, SVP New Games at Playtika, said: “The development of this new game has been an exciting process for Playtika & Jelly Button, with the studio utilising the most creative talent and top-notch technology. This has been a chance for Playtika to broaden its gaming portfolio and develop as a brand in an entirely new way – which is core to our new game strategy. We hope that the fun we had in creating this game is reflected by our Merge Stories players.”

Dudu Dahan, EGM Casual Games at Playtika, said: “Playtika moved fast to recognize the opportunities that the merge game genre offers and used our deep experience in running beloved casual titles worldwide to channel our learnings into the creation of Merge Stories. This is a reflection of Playtika’s work to expand into new genres and continue to strengthen our brand around the globe.”

Download Merge Stories for free from the App Store or Google Play.
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