Physics-based engineering playground ‘Plasma’ Debuts First Demo at Steam Next Fest

Physics-based engineering playground 'Plasma'
Physics-based engineering playground 'Plasma'

Plasma, the physics-based engineering playground developed by Dry Licorice, the visionaries behind the Kingdom series and Poly Bridge, builds its way to Steam for Windows PC in 2023 with a brand new demo debuting today at the Steam Next Fest.

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Enter a game-building universe empowering players to create and explore mechanically complex devices while using a groundbreaking robotic physics engine.

Design complex game worlds, droids, and anthropomorphic inventions making full use of Steam Workshop’s capabilities.

Explore endless possibilities with a visual programming interface allowing players of all skill sets to bring tech creations to life.

Check out other players’ fully interactive robots and impressive universes filled with imaginative designs from Plasma’s community playground.

Create blueprints transforming artistic thoughts into real creations. Expand upon other players’ magnificent creations to iterate and inspire, learn more about game mechanics, and witness infinite capabilities.
Plasma will arrive on Windows PC via Steam in 2023. To stay up to date with the latest information, visit Plasma’s official websitewishlist it on Steam, join the official Discord server, and follow @PlasmaSandbox on Twitter.


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