Plan B: Terraform is Coming to Steam in Early 2023

Plan B Terraform
Plan B Terraform

 Gaddy Games founder Nicolas Gadenne is proud to announce his new project, Plan B: Terraform, that will be coming to Steam Early Access (Steam page, teaser) in Early 2023. After more than three years in the making, the French indie developer is eager to put the game in the hands of players and evolve it following the community feedback. Nicolas Gadenne, who previously created the successful survival 2D sandbox Dig or Die (more than 250K copies sold on Steam), defines his new creation as a “calm and contemplative science-fiction management sandbox game with a strong emphasis on automatization based on a credible near future. Plan B: Terraform also offers an educational approach on greenhouse effect and water cycle mechanisms”.

Manage a newly discovered planet, contemplate your world evolve and grow your population. Mine resources, process and transport them to the cities to keep colonizing. With the mission of terraforming the planet to make it inhabitable, the player will have to warm up the atmosphere, form rivers, oceans and grow forests.


  • Extract minerals, transform and transport them to the cities, so that they can expand.
  • Build terraforming devices, such as greenhouse gas factories, in order to progressively warm up the atmosphere, make the ice melt and make rain fall, until rivers and oceans form. Then, when the conditions are met, you will be able to plant trees and watch them grow into large forests.
  • Huge planetary scale playground, composed of more than a million hexagons. 
  • The “real” terraformation of a planet, with a global and real-time simulation of temperature, vegetation, rain and water flowing to form dynamic rivers and oceans.
  • Radical evolution of the population, from a few inhabitants to a million and more.


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