Paladins: Champions Of The Realm Updates with Kasumi

This October, Kasumi, Death’s Howl, will become the newest Damage Champion in the free-to-play fantasy team shooter Paladins.

The reveal trailer of Kasumi is out now:

All details will become available on the Paladins website following the Update Show happening on Twitch tomorrow, September 7, at 12pm ET.

Kasumi is a haunting apparition that lives—despite her own death—to torment and curse her victims. Tied passionately to this Realm, she is unwavering in her pursuit of vengeance upon those who have wronged her.

Kasumi brings an eerie Yokai Doll to the fights. As she grips, twists, and stabs it, her target finds themselves disoriented and hurting. As a ghost, Kasumi is able to travel as an ethereal projection of herself. She can also place near-invisible traps that will later allow her to teleport right behind unsuspecting enemies. When the suffering of her prey culminates, Kasumi effectively turns them into a bomb as they explode with pain, damaging nearby allies.

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