“Pacific War” campaign will be added to the WWII shooter Enlisted

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce that the “Pacific War” campaign will be added to the WWII shooter Enlisted in late September. It will add the Imperial Japanese Army to the game, and the combined battles of infantry, ground vehicles and aircraft will now unfold on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. Players will experience even the famous Guadalcanal battle – that’s one of the places where the fate of the whole war was determined.

The Pacific War campaign will feature new weapons and vehicles, as well as new game mechanics making the player experience more authentic. For example, infantrymen can now gather all their strength and “rush” forward with cold weapons in their hands (for example, katanas), violently attacking enemy positions. During the war, such “banzai attacks” were often staged by the Japanese army. Another iconic feature of that war also coming to Enlisted is Japanese lunge mines, anti-tank weapons with a HEAT type charge. The soldier equipped with one of those must get as close to the enemy tank as possible in order to hit right on target, even at the cost of their own life. Also, amphibious tanks will help overcome numerous water obstacles, and phosphorus grenades will set fire to enemy trenches and smoke out the enemy with toxic smoke. The update brings dozens of new types of weapons and vehicles (both Japanese and American) to the game in total.

The Pacific War campaign will be available for free to all players, however, it’s also possible to purchase a special pack that makes leveling up easier and includes premium squads. Users who pre-order the bundle will also receive exclusive cosmetic items.

More information on the new content and features of the Pacific War update will be published in the coming weeks on the official website of the game.

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