ORX launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Today marks the launch of tower defense strategy game ORX, now available in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. ORX blends the mechanics of popular deck-building and tabletop titles to create a truly unique experience, developed by johnbell and published by CRITICAL REFLEX.

Build your deck and defend your towers against a ruthless army of orcish invaders determined to plunder the kingdom!

Watch the launch trailer here.

In ORX, players must progress through four acts in a sprawling rogue-like campaign, unlocking new cards and powerful Artifacts along the way to build the perfect deck. With each level increasing in difficulty and over 300 cards to play, experimenting with tactics is vital to survive against the unrelenting orcish hordes.

ORX Features

  • Choose your faction – Two factions will be playable at Early Access launch, each with their own distinctive playstyle. The Rune Guardians are steadfast warriors offering a defensive approach to combat, while the Dune Reavers utilize offensive tactics that ditch fortifications for warriors: spearmen, archers, bombardiers, shield bearers and more.
  • Expand your kingdom – Manage your gold carefully to build structures such as Villages, Farms, Castles and much more. Explore four different biomes as well as sub-biomes that cycle between day and night.
  • Roguelike Campaign – When the going gets tough, the tough get going! ORX levels the playing field by adapting to your successes and tactics, triggering enemies that challenge your playstyle.
  • 30 unique enemy types – Be prepared for unforgettable battles against an army of foes, ranging from grunts to heroes, each equipped with different abilities. The end of each Act culminates in an intense boss battle to put you through your paces!
  • Cutthroat competition – Share scores and statistics with other players to see how you fare on the ORX global leaderboard.
  • (Coming Soon!) Classic, Ironman and Hard mode – Mastery of the campaign will soon grant you different modes to try out, each amped up in difficulty – the perfect opportunity to truly test your might!

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