2D sci-fi action-adventure game ‘Omega Warp’ announcement trailer available

Indie gamer developer Cian Games has announced their new project, Omega Warp, a 2D sci-fi themed action-adventure game, which takes place aboard an interstellar freighter. Explore, upgrade your skills and equipment, and uncover the mysteries surrounding the freighter’s loss of communication with the base of operations on Earth.

Watch the Omega Warp announcement trailer HERE.


Exploration: Progressively access the interconnected decks of the interstellar freighter, discover its mysteries, acquire new upgrades, find secret areas and understand what caused the freighter’s loss of communication with Earth.

Customization: Find and equip upgrades that will add news functionality to your space armor, making your journey easier or allowing access to new areas. Fight enemies, complete missions, discover secrets to accumulate experience and improve your skills according to your style of play.

Arsenal: Use an arsenal of long-range energy weapons, which don’t use ammo but use a battery that recharges over time. Find and equip new energy charges that deal more damage to organic or synthetic enemies. Unlock and collect ammo to use in the explosive launcher built into your space armor.

Datalogs: Access datalogs on computers scattered throughout the freighter and discover the daily life, history or secrets left behind by the crew.

Omega Warp will be released in 2023 on PC via Steam (Windows and Linux), players can wishlist the title directly on its Steam Page, and stay connected via Discord  and Twitter.


Steam Page
Announcement Trailer
Oficial Website

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