Survival Horror Game Nightmare Out Now on Steam


Independent game developer and publisher DiTMGames is releasing Nightmare, a single-player survival horror game, on Steam today.

Nightmare is a game where you find yourself in a terrifying dream. Explore the environment, fight ghosts, and create items required for survival, or stay in it forever. Random activities you encounter during the game will either bring you closer to the final goal or push you away from it.

Nightmare’s realistic graphics and high-quality 3D sounds will keep you stressed out all the time.  The “Expert Mode” reworks the core mechanics and logic, making it a real challenge to reach the main goal.

The unpredictable AI will alter tactics as you move through the game, getting more aggressive and summoning helpers. The next game may not have all the things in their typical locations because every game will be unique from the one before it.


  • Search for items that can be combined into the light sources to increase your sanity.
  • Realistic graphics and high-quality 3D sounds.
  • Unpredictable AI will change tactics, becoming more aggressive and summoning helpers.
  • All the items you find may no longer be in their usual place next time you play.
  • Depending on your actions and activities in the game, you will earn experience and light tokens that can be spent on perks. 
  • “Expert Mode” included.

Additional Information

  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

About DiTMGames

DiTMGames  has only one developer at the moment. In the future, I plan to add other developers to the team. Currently, I am working on the upcoming survival-horror game, whose main goal is to create a unique gaming experience with player feedback.


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