My Time at Sandrock ‘Logan Strikes Back’ update released

My time at Sandrock, the sequel to the wholesome sandbox RPG game My Time at Portia, released its Early Access launch on May 26, 2022. More content will be available to play in this very positive-rated game on Steam on Aug 30, 2022.

The New Logan Strikes Back Update will continue the Act 1 story and start Act 2. Players are going to meet more characters and learn more about the townspeople’s backstories. One of the most intriguing aspects of the update is the amount of townsfolk are made romanceable. Players will have the opportunity to date and enhance friendships with more people.

The new update also includes new dungeons and creatures. A story dungeon will allow players to explore and fight. Try out the new ranged weapon, the “Vintage assault rifle,” and new melee weapons will be available for the builder to create and master. Builders will be able to choose from many different combat styles to fit their personal preferences.

The developers have also expanded the workshop plot size and have added more decoration items. Players will not just be able to craft furniture, but they will also be able to dye this furniture to be any color they like. More ways for builders to arrange their yards, planting or manufacturing, sophisticated or romantic, your home sweet home is up to you.

The new version has also implemented optimization improvements in the new update. The developers have drastically reduced loading times when players enter or leave a room to around 3 seconds. And the framerate has been increased by about 20% for systems with 16G of RAM or more.

“The Logan Strikes Back!” update will be available for Sandrock on Windows PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Game Store on Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022. Current Early access owners will not need to pay anything, the game will automatically update to the new version and let players experience all the new content.

To learn more, visit the My Time at Sandrock website, join the official Discord server, and follow @MTaSandrock on Twitter, @mytimeat.sandrock on Instagram, and its official Facebook page.

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