Mortal Online 2 releases one of the biggest updates

July sees one of the biggest updates of the year so far. A new magic school, new areas to explore and a boat-load of improvements are added with the game currently being 33% off on Steam!

Star Vault are excited to announce that the July update for Mortal Online 2 is now complete, and it’s a pretty major update, we have a statement from Star Vault about this new update below, but first; the new trailer!

Greetings Mortals!

This is our largest patch to date and it contains a significant amount of new content, changes, fixes, and improvements to all areas of the game.

First and foremost, you can now explore our latest magic school and try your hand at raising powerful creatures! With the addition of Necromancy, many new options are presented to players interested in the darker side of magic. Perform gruesome rituals, combining the carcasses of various creatures with mystical artefacts in order to create the most powerful minions possible. Cast fearsome spells that blind and disorient your enemies and send your undead minions to finish the job. Necromancers who truly hone their craft may even be able to summon the putrid and fearsome Tupilak. A grisly abomination made of flesh and bone, ready to wreak havoc upon its master’s enemies.

Need a place to try out your new nefarious powers? Why not search for the new dungeon that has been added somewhere out in the world? Rumour has it that this new place holds many new secrets and unforeseen perils. Beware that not everything is as it seems…

Next up is a new boss that has been added which is the first entry into our ‘massive’ category. This fearsome creature awaits you somewhere deep in the remote parts of Myrland. Best of luck to those foolhardy enough to venture into its domain..

Take a look at the full notes below and let us know what you think!

See you in Nave.

-Star Vault

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