Monstrum 2 to feature in Steam Survival Fest 2022

Junkfish, the BAFTA-nominated indie studio behind the critically acclaimed predecessor Monstrum, has announced that their asymmetric multiplayer sequel, Monstrum 2, will be participating in the Steam Survival Fest event running from 1st – 8th August 2022. The platform will be hosting survival horror games for one week, where many titles are discounted and demos for upcoming releases are unveiled to gamers. Additionally, Monstrum 2 will be available for free as part of a Steam free weekend on 4th August till 7th August.

​Junkfish have additionally revealed that Monstrum 2 will be exiting Early Access and entering full release soon on Steam. Play as friend or foe in this procedurally-generated sea labyrinth that gives you the choice to become the hunter or be the hunted in this player-versus-player environment.

​Play as a prisoner: dare to brave your breakout as a prisoner? Stranded with other prisoners alike, survival tactics are integral to your escape from Sparrow Lock, a decrepit sea fortress harbouring an unwanted guest. It is up to you and your fellow inmates how you survive as you use your cunning and your wits to navigate the abandoned facility’s rusted labyrinth and overcome puzzles along the way. Band up with three other players as you survive the onslaught against another player who assumes the grizzly role of the monster.

​Play as the monster: does bloodlust thrill you? With a variety of deadly monsters to choose from, hunt down your prey as you attempt to exploit the environment to your advantage using your own unique abilities. Four prisoners to horrify, four prisoners to kill!

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