Metal: Hellsinger putting creative Music Power into the hands of players


Metal: Hellsinger is the newly released and critically acclaimed rhythm FPS where you slay hordes of demons to the beat of heavy metal – and now, with the help of talented modders everywhere, any other genre you can think of!

Publisher Funcom and developer The Outsiders are thrilled to put creative power into the hands of players, allowing them to create their own music for the game on PC. Face the hordes of hell with swing in your step in today’s jazzy modding trailer.

This trailer shows only a glimpse of what is possible. Modding brings immense potential, and music in Metal: Hellsinger goes beyond affecting the mood and feel of the game, being firmly plugged into the gameplay and entire experience. With the modding tool, players can layer their music and make it react to the player’s performance.
For the willing player, Metal: Hellsinger can now become K-Pop, country, EDM, disco, classical, rap, reggae – the list goes on! Modder-musicians are invited to push the boundaries of good demon-slaying motivation.

The modding tool is freely available right now, and Funcom and The Outsiders have prepared both step-by-step video and image guides to help modders and newcomers alike through the process. Mods can be accessed through the Steam Workshop.
Even the free demo can be modded.

With modding integration, Funcom and The Outsiders are confident that players will enjoy a rich source of diverse content to rhythmically tear demons apart for a long time to come.
Metal: Hellsinger is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S.


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