Mandragora’s Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded


Primal Game Studio is excited to announce that Mandragora’s Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded alongside its first three stretch goals, with more being added regularly.

Zoltan Zsuffa, CEO at Primal Game Studio said “We’re incredibly excited about the support we’ve received from our community. It’s been great to see how many of our fans want to be a part of the development process and we’ve been receiving amazing feedback on what we’ve shown of the game so far.”

Players will still be able to jump on board the fully funded project for another 21 days in the hopes of unlocking further stretch goals. The variety of available rewards include an assortment of physical and digital rewards; from receiving access to the Closed Beta on PC to being credited within Mandragora or even appearing in-game as an NPC.

Developed by Primal Game Studio and published by Marvelous Europe, Mandragora is a challenging, but rewarding Metroidvania-inspired side-scroller action RPG set in a universe of gorgeous paint strokes and inevitable tragedy coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

To stay up-to-date, please wishlist Mandragora on Steam, visit the game’s website, official channels on TwitterFacebookInstagram or join the Discord server here.


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