Mad World: Age of Darkness new world locations revealed in trailer

With CBT being a week away, world map trailer of upcoming MMORPG is revealed. Game’s overall lore and atmosphere pervade through new town, dungeon, field.

On 7th (KST), Jandisoft Inc. (Director Yun Semin) revealed trailer of new areas of its home project Mad World, a game soaked in dark fantasy with hard core gameplay. The footage emphasizes new areas added for the CBT as well as ‘Orbit of Silence’, the game’s main town in terms of narrative and gameplay.

The Dumpsite Outskirts’ that shows up at beginning of the video is the first new area users will encounter during the game’s prologue. It is crafted in a way to hint at the game’s grotesque setting and overall world lore. The subsequent areas ‘Relic Craftshop’ and ‘Tail End’ in the trailer are connected to ‘Orbit of Silence’, and they are packed with NPC and quests to make the game scenario more profound. The final area ‘Orbit of Silence’ is an underground city that was built during days of Izmael ancient civilization to shield humans from potential demon invasion. Therefore, it is fittingly very elaborate and magnificent.

On the other hand, massive update will take place on game convenience, UI, and UX in addition to the new areas introduced in the test.

Mad World CBT will commence on September 15th (KST). One can apply for CBT at official homepage(, and users who win the draw will be able to participate in the test.

World Map Trailer:

Naver lounge:

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