LOUD Release Trailer and Future Updates

Loud Gitar Video Game
Loud Gitar Video Game

Developer Hyperstange is happy to announce that LOUD, their wholesome rhythm arcade guitar game is now available on the Nintendo eShop around the world.

Alongside their work to finalize the game for other platforms, the developers will be adding a few free updates and content to the game too.

The first confirmed update for Switch will include additional unlockable guitars, outfits and stages along with + 6 new songs that will expand story mode and 2 bonus songs. An exact date for the update has not been confirmed yet.

LOUD is priced at 11.99 /USD / EUR but launches with a 40% discount making it 7.20 USD / EUR and will apply till August 4th in the NA store and August 14 in the EU store.

LOUD is the story of Astrid, a young teenage girl with big dreams of becoming a talented musician to avoid a potentially mundane adult life. So she dives head first into the world of guitar and pop-punk.

14 custom-written songs make up the 14 chapters of Astrid’s story as she goes from playing air guitar in her basement to hopefully signing her first deal with a talent scout. Master songs and improve your timing to unlock additional cosmetic upgrades such as outfits, guitars, and locations.