La Tale has launched their Pneuma update

La Tale has launched their Pneuma update
La Tale has launched their Pneuma update

La Tale, the long-running fantasy MMORPG, has launched their Pneuma update on Sept. 8th (CEST). This new update has revamped the leveling system which boosted all dungeons above Lv. 200 to provide triple the amount of experience points; It also changed some daily quests into repeatable quests to reward players for their longer playtime and added mini boss quests to provide even more experience points and quest rewards to mid-game players.

Along with this new update, Pneuma is revealed with the stories of two spirits: Kairos and Chronos. Explore the new area and conquer the new dungeons: Kairos’ Time (Lv. 3200), Chronos’ Time (Lv. 3400) and Unknown Forest (Lv. 3500). These new dungeons will provide players with a new Sticker, Charm, Gems, and Badge 6.

Other quality of life changes has been added such as pet extension pages, permanent version of a Compass equipment, new hairstyles, eye types, fashion items, and damage skins. Event systems also have been reworked to fit our new and refreshing events: Event Missions and Event Exchanges.


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