Knockout City Season 6: City of Tomorrow Trailer Revealed

Good morning, brawlers! It’s a new dawn in Knockout City, and we’ve never felt more “free.” If you’re new to the streets, then hey – you’re not gonna want to miss the latest and greatest in our next Season: it’s dodgebrawl down to its core, and it’s awesome!

Remember when we told y’all that a new ball was coming? Well, we’re finally coming back at ya to introduce the next innovation in dodgebrawl as we know it: Perennial Labs’ latest creation, the Boomerang Ball!

What a beaut! This slick cyan dodgeball will be showing up in the Special Ball rotation right when City of Tomorrow launches, and it’s gonna be a game-changer!

How does it work? Simple: throw it, and it comes back! Did you land a hit? It flies back to you wings-out and ready for another throw! Did you hit a wall? No sweat, you get another try! No teammates around? Pass it into a solid surface and it’ll bounce back with Overcharge! Talk about big brain plays!

Knockout City Season 6: City of Tomorrow – Arrives June 1st

Now I should warn you that you’re gonna need to catch to make the most of this tech. When you throw a Boomerang Ball, your warning border will light up with a cyan hue telling you it’s your own ball homing in! You won’t take damage if you get bonked by your own Boomerang, but it’ll knock you back and throw off your flow. Make the catch, and your Overcharge will keep increasing! But watch out, because all that charge can be caught and turned against you!

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