‘Kiss of War’ available on the alternative app stores

Flexion Mobile Plc (Nasdaq: FLEXM), the Android games distribution company has signed an agreement with tap4fun to publish Kiss of War on the alternative app stores. Flexion will distribute the hit game on the ONE store, Amazon and Samsung Galaxy app stores in Q4 2022.
Kiss of War is the second game Flexion has launched for tap4fun, having published Kingdom Guard on the alternative app stores in April 2022. This is testament to the increased revenue and audiences tap4fun is seeing thanks to Flexion.

“We’re delighted tap4fun has chosen to work with Flexion again and so quickly after we launched Kingdom Guard,” says Jens Lauritzson CEO of Flexion Mobile. “We understand the alternative app stores in depth. Flexion has people with expertise and experience, and technology that no-one else can offer. We look forward to bringing new paying users to Kiss of War.”

Kiss of War already earns US$2 million in monthly gross revenue on Google Play according to Sensor Tower. Flexion’s distribution services will add revenue and new players from the alternative app stores with little upfront cost or work being required of the developer. Flexion is adding an average of 10% to a game’s revenue by taking it to the alternative app stores.

Kiss of War is a war strategy where players unite commanders to eliminate invaders and achieve world peace.
Flexion recently announced it generated $50 million in revenue for Android game developers in the last 12 months by bringing games to the alternative app stores.

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