Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game crowdfunding campaign launched

Developer Warhorse Studios, board game studio Boardcubator, and publisher Prime Matter are happy to launch the Kingdom Come Deliverance – The Board Game crowdfunding campaign today on Gamefound, the board game crowdfunding platform.

View the campaign here:

Taking Kingdom Come: Deliverance from the realm of the digital to a real-life top-down experience – Warhorse Studios partnered up with the Czech board game powerhouse Boardcubator to translate the critically acclaimed historical open-world RPG into the real world of dice, tokens, and tactical tabletop strategy. While Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game shares a few locations and characters in common with the video game, the board game itself tells its own self-contained story and is to be embraced as a coinciding epic adventure that shares the same universe.

A newly-released trailer sets the mood for the same immersive experience over 5 million Kingdom Come: Deliverance fans enjoyed in the video game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s living and breathing world, impactful decisions, and huge focus on storytelling and immersion are present to be explored. Put down your controller and pick up your dice for this thrilling tabletop experience.

View the trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game on YouTube here

About Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game is a cooperative RPG for one-four players that transports you into 15th-century Bohemia. Enjoy an immersive story with true-to-life voice acting, an all-encompassing ambiance, and a “you are what you do” character building system. Choose from four different characters, all with different stats and attributes, and level them up. Find, buy, and share loot that supports you on your deadly quest, gathering critical war intel that will determine the fate of an entire nation.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game offers different campaigns with various adventures all tracked by an included mobile app that takes care of the gameplay so players can concentrate on their quests. No magic, no dragons, just good old Kingdom Come: Deliverance … but as a board game. Find out more about the board game in this video from March 2022.

Features Kingdom Come

Focus on historical authenticity and storytelling
Sprawling, immersive narrative and a living and breathing world
AI-driven NPCs to interact with and a unique combat system when things go south
An app-driven “dungeon master” to keep track. Eyes on the board though
Adaptive sound design and fully narrated multilanguage voice acting
210 items, 108 perks, 50 unique NPCs, four playable characters, and one “invisible” app

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