Isonzo is available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and the Epic Games Store

Isonzo and two premium editions are available with a 10% discount and an exclusive bonus pack during launch week! Players can acquire the game on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and the Epic Games Store.

Elevating WW1 to unexpected heights!
The WW1 Game Series seeks to bring the Great War closer than ever before, and after prequels Verdun and Tannenberg, it is now Isonzo’s turn to take the stage. Starting today, the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies will clash in Isonzo river valleys and the Alps of the Southern Front.

The ‘Offensive’ game mode is a carefully refined experience that allows players to witness first hand the high-altitude battles of the Italian Front and reenact key historical moments. Authenticity and historical accuracy are the staples of the WW1 Game Series, and Isonzo takes the series to a new height.

“We’ve worked on Isonzo for over three years now with a passionate development team and several historians. We’re all very excited to finally put this title out there for all to experience! But our Italian adventure doesn’t end here – as with our earlier games we have great plans for new content beyond launch. First up on the roadmap: German troops! ” says Jos Hoebe, Creative Director and co-founder of the WW1 Game Series.

From fighting high up in idyllic Alpine scenery to close-combat in rocky trenches, who will survive the crosshairs of sharpshooters, biplane bombers, or the terrifying poison gas? Take position behind a gatling gun or sound the horn to support your squad mates in urban streets and river valleys – take part in key WW1 moments and see if you can change the course of history. This is the Italian Front!

Limited time launch week bonus: the Avanti Savoia Pack

Watch the official launch trailer here:

Isonzo starts off with an exclusive bonus pack and 10% launch discount on all PC platforms and PlayStation during the first week of launch. Players who pre-ordered the game on Xbox can already enjoy the Avanti Savoia Bonus Pack.

The Avanti Savoia Pack contains two iconic uniforms – the “Maggiore General” for the Italians and the “Generalmajor” for the Austro-Hungarians. Additionally, the pack includes facial cosmetics suitable for officers such as the aristocratic “Rennenkampf” mustache and pince-nez glasses in the style worn by famous writer Anton Chekov.

Here is a video showing off the content for the Avanti Savoia pack:

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