‘Iron Harvest’ World Map Campaign Mode Now Available On Consoles

Iron Harvest 1920 Complete Edition
Iron Harvest 1920 Complete Edition

Get ready to get back into the trenches: Iron Harvest – the classic real-time strategy (RTS) game, set in the 1920+ alternate reality, is getting even more additional free content.

The new battlefield map – Schierland – releasing today, completes the World Map Campaign Mode which started rolling out to PC players in June.

As it’s the game’s anniversary, the whole World Map Campaign Mode will also be available for free for anyone playing on Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5.  

Together with 2 new multiplayer maps – “Launch Facility” and “Forgotten Fortress” – new game scenarios, overhauled main menu and a ton of balancing adjustments and improvements from two years of matches of over one million registered players on all platforms, Iron Harvest strengthens its position as the biggest RTS for consoles on the market.

To celebrate the console release of the World Map Campaign Mode – and to thank players for their strong, ongoing support – we’re delighted to share this stunning fan-made cinematic trailer by ZHEESHEE – a team of creative and high-skilled artists who love to play video games and tell stories.

You can check out the trailer here.

Map Attack
Schierland – the new battlefield – is made up of a vast continent containing many interlocking territories. A large lake in the middle separates the three enemy factions controlling with each side fighting for domination of the entire map.
There will also be four more new starting scenarios:
·   Storm on the Horizon – A tiny nations sits isolated in the corner of the continent. Nearby regions are full of riches, but large neighbors are also interested in the same unclaimed land.
·   Borderlands – Despite vast holdings, your factions regions are relatively poor in resources. With only one army, defending your many borders will be a challenge.
·   Unwanted Neighbors – Stuck between two antagonistic super powers makes any fight a tough one; securing more resources will require boldness and skill.
·   Custom – Create a custom campaign. Select where each faction begins, how strong their army is and the size of their dominion.

Console Users
Console players will get this map as part of the World Map Campaign Mode releasing free on both Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 platforms today.
Users will now have access to an exciting new way to experience the rich world of the alternative history of 1920+. Nations in conflict fight to protect their all-new capital maps and to gain stable control over the territories and starting scenarios, bringing challenging single player missions to Iron Harvest.

The well-balanced mix of turn-based and real-time strategy already garnered a lot of praise from PC players, thanks to the replayability of over 40 new missions.

In total, the add-on includes three world campaign maps: Divided Continents, Archipelago and Schierland. 12 starting scenarios, ranging from the classic destroying the enemy HQ to a capture-the-flag-esque scenario and an advanced AI that adapts to the mission objective will keep players on their toes.

Console players will also get access to the new 3v3 multiplayer/skirmish map Forgotten Fortress which will lead players into the hazardous desert of Arabia and the new 2v2 multiplayer/skirmish map Launch Facility, where the players can discover a hidden weapon testing base in the freezing tundra of Northern Alaska.


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