Interitus released on Steam

Interitus released on Steam
Interitus released on Steam

Embark on a dangerous journey to a monastery where only death and decay remain. Explore the cursed hellscape and fight against challenging monsters in a realistic 3D-environment. Each play-session is unique from the previous one thanks to a randomized dungeon, with handcrafted rooms.

n Interitus you play as a young elf, Liara, plagued by a soul-corrupting curse who must travel to a long-forgotten monastery located far behind the vast forests of the world of Nai’ru. You must fight through countless enemies and ensure your survival through the maze-like corridors of the monastery while searching for keys to open doors and progress further into the darkness. Defeat the boss and find the cure to your curse and unveil the secrets of the environment to complete the game.

Interitus is a dark and atmospheric Souls-like with Roguelite-elements, realistic 3D graphics and a grotesque, medieval-styled environment. Slash your way through monsters with satisfying combat moves and find your way through the ever-changing dungeon, that is built different with every playthrough.

Interitus by Alhman Games