‘Insomnia: Theater in the Head’ Free Demo is now available on Steam

'Insomnia Theater in the Head' Free Demo is now available on Steam
'Insomnia Theater in the Head' Free Demo is now available on Steam

It’s late at night. Have you been tossing and turning in bed? Are you sad, worried, stressed, anxious, or confused? Did any negative emotions from the day affect your sleep? Or are you simply sleepless? If any of this sounds familiar, check out the demo for Insomnia: Theater in the Head.

Watch the Announcement Trailer for the game HERE.

Download the free demo from Steam (https://bit.ly/3BmB1A1) and add the game to your wishlist.


Hickory dickory dock. The city’s deep in sleep. The clock’s ticking. The sheep’s bouncing. Hickory dickory dock. The girl flips on her left side for the third time in the night, but with more things swarming into her head. Well, the show in the head is rolling again. Is it possible to get some sleep tonight?

The annoying elf, countless sheep, floating furniture pieces… Quirky drama appears in the girl’s head one after another. Fantasies that appear out of nowhere. Where do they come from? And where should they go?
Insomnia: Theater in the Head is a short point-and-click puzzle game where you play as a sleepless girl surrounded by anxiety and restlessness. After constantly searching for her inner self and exploring the cause of her insomnia, the girl manages to face the source of her pressures and embrace a brighter dawn.


  • A unique style. Enjoy exquisite hand-drawn paintings of KeKe, the chief artist of A Perfect Day.
  • A surreal vibe. Visit various crazy, original, interesting, artistic theaters appearing in the main character’s head.
  • Ingenious and relaxing puzzles. The long nights will eventually pass and everything will be better. While interacting with the game world and solving clever puzzles, players will get the chance to escape from the theater of insomnia together with the main character.
  • Consistent design style. Coming from the creators of A Perfect Day and created with the same style of design in mind, the game reflects the developers’ thoughts and concerns on ordinary people and all of society. It was created in the hopes of helping everyone calmly face their insomnia.

Insomnia: Theater in the Head is being developed by Perfect Day Studio. The game is coming to PC.

More information about the game can be found on Steam, Twitter, and Discord.


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