Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage DLC Releases Soon

Imperiums: Greek Wars saw Phillip II of Macedon trying to establish a powerful state, this was followed by the Age of Alexander and a clash between the major ancient powers. The focus now shifts to the central Mediterranean where the fledgling Roman Republic still fights the other Latin tribes hoping one day to have the strength to challenge the great power of Carthage.

The huge map covers all of the interesting areas of this era, from Iberia to Babylon and from the wild seemingly uninhabited wilderness beyond the Alps to the Arabian desert. 25 states are waiting for you to assume the leadership and rewrite history with their name in golden letters.

Show your Roman heart and challenge the greatest empires of the time; assume the leadership of the Carthaginian Empire and make your power felt all around Mediterranean; become the true successor of Alexander the Great by restoring his empire in the east; or make the world tremble in the face of Celtic hordes.

Rome vs Carthage will bring a number of features that will introduce new interesting twists and challenges to the gameplay testing your military skill, political shrewdness and tactical genius.

Migrating tribes pushing at the borders of the civilized world; multiturn events such as plague, revolts and floods; mandatory objectives that force strategic decisions upon you, historical events that enhance immersion and authentic feel – only the strong will survive the tide of history.

Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage DLC will be released on September 19th with a time limited launch discount. Don’t miss it!

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