IDLE LUCA Available On All Mobile Devices

Today, Com2uS, the global mobile developer behind the widely beloved Summoners War franchise, in partnership with its subsidiary, NOVACORE, have launched IDLE LUCA, a brand-new idle RPG adventure where players can collect powerful and unique heroes along an epic and endless quest to save the world. IDLE LUCA is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

In IDLE LUCA, players will adventure through a vast mythical realm as they break through dungeons and traverse challenging towers to become top mercenaries. Through simple yet diverse strategic elements, IDLE LUCA offers players all of the fun of an unattended RPG and the satisfaction of earning coveted rewards through daily quests and tactical PvP battles. As players progress through the game, they can convert their in-game currency acquired through gameplay into tokens to hold them as tradable assets, or they can convert their tokens into in-game currency to make their heroes stronger.

As players join IDLE LUCA, they will build a deck of characters with six different attributes including water, fire, wind, earth, light, and dark along with various equipment to act as dealers, tankers, supporters, and buffs. With the following characters, players can develop limitless strategies:

Ailee – The Prim and Proper Lady of Lightning – Born as the only daughter of a noble family, she’s a promising genius witch with powerful mana. She is now learning how to handle mana from a high elf with an unsuspecting ally on an island in Teles.

Luin – Guardian of Light and Darkness – He’s one of the creatures created by a half-god in charge of light and another half-god in charge of darkness. He only interferes when the world is in great danger. Usually, he seems to stay quiet, communicating with small animals in peace.

Layla – Apprentice of Flame – She’s an excellent student and fire magic genius of the magic school located in Castrin who is honing her craft to become a powerful mercenary.

Volken – King of the Wolf Tribe – Known for his strong stamina and outstanding charisma, he is the hero of the wolf tribesmen. He has survived countless battles and adversity with his ability to handle two daggers at his command.

Hoya – Cute Gourmet – He has a love of culinary delights. He may seem unassuming, but he is also skilled in the weapon of poison. As a result, he became an excellent hunter and cook.

Lepis – Owner of Halidom – Lepis learns of the two sealed ancient halidoms while studying ancient myths, history, etherics, and magic training. With her knowledge, she is now petitioning to become the next tribal leader with the power of the halidoms.

IDLE LUCA leverages Com2uS Group’s’ blockchain technology via the C2X blockchain ecosystem to grant players the ability to take part in missions to acquire C2X tokens and exchange them for in-game tokens across all games within the C2X Station as well as IDLE LUCA’s game tokens.

For more information on IDLE LUCA, please visit the official website here. Watch the launch trailer here.

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