Free-to-Play Game ‘Idle Asterix’ is released commercially today

Free-to-Play Game 'Idle Asterix' is released commercially today
Free-to-Play Game 'Idle Asterix' is released commercially today

The new game “Idle Asterix” by German developer gameXcite GmbH is the first Idle Game to incorporate the world-famous Asterix IP by “Les Éditions Albert René”. After an Early Access phase in selected countries, the Free-to-Play game is released commercially today, allowing Asterix fans around the world to enjoy the casual gameplay and collect their favorite heroes along the way.

The small Gaulish village is up in arms! Little Dogmatix has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued. These Romans are crazy! What are they up to?

In “Idle Asterix”, players are helping the indomitable Gauls and their friends to fight back against Caesar’s latest plans to make their lives miserable. In typical Idle games manner, players will build up their economy by automatically harvesting resources to exponentially gain more Sesterces, the ingame currency. The ultimate goal is to reach the bottom of the map to clear the objective of the respective adventure (like freeing Dogmatix).

Players can unlock and upgrade heroes via a collectible cards system. These heroes have to defeat waves of Roman attackers before new resource fields can be unlocked. Hero cards can be acquired via the game’s quest and achievement system or purchased in the shop. Players can invest the Sesterces gained to upgrade workers and fields to maximize their efficiency and to grow the strength of their heroes.

The combination of the relaxing, casual gameplay of an Idle Game with the fun and excitement of collecting iconic heroes of the beloved franchise creates a unique gameplay experience for old and new fans of Asterix and his Gaulish friends. Additional features like new adventures and regions and an event system as well as a version for iOS will be added in the following months.

About Idle Asterix

Idle Asterix is an upcoming Free-to-Play Idle Game with Collectible Card Game mechanics for Android and (soon) iOS. Together with the help of old acquaintances from the beloved Comic book series – like Asterix and Obelix themselves – players go on various missions to help their friends against the Romans! By gathering resources and turning them into sesterces, players can keep upgrading their workers and grow their income exponentially. In typical Collectible Card Games manner players acquire and upgrade heroes which they can deploy on the battlefields of their active adventures to push through the waves of Roman attackers and unlock new resource fields.

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