Hotel Hideaway opening up opportunities for brands and players

Azerion, the digital entertainment and media platform, has announced the results of its first virtual branded hangout room in Hotel Hideaway for Love Island and ITV Studios, creating higher user engagement than any of the other rooms since its launch eleven weeks ago. Following the partnership’s immediate success, Azerion and ITV Studios continue to bring new experiences to players and are launching the first of a monthly World of Love Island quiz series.

In the first 15 hours of launching the branded room,135,000 items were sold. This increased to 545,000 after 30 days, with blue and pink caps the most popular items. This exceeded previous campaigns run on Hotel Hideaway, which saw an average of 75,000 items sold in the first 15 hours and 360,000 after the first 30 days. The branded room attracted 3 million visits in 30 days with 46,000 daily visitors on average, spending an average of 52 mins in total over the period.

With the Love Island season drawing to a close, as the reunion in the UK happened on 7 August and in the US season ends on 28 August, Azerion in partnership with ITV Studios will be rolling out new features.

Watch the Hotel Hideaway x World of Love Island Quiz trailer:

Relive the Love Island magic with the World of Love Island Quiz in Hotel Hideaway!

Azerion and ITV Studios are delighted to announce the first of a monthly World of Love Island quiz series being hosted on Hotel Hideaway on 1 September, as part of their global digital content partnership. Players can now join other beach-body ready avatars in the Love Island Villa as they are shown iconic footage from Love Island shows from around the world to test their knowledge.

With the new immersive World of Love Island quiz experience, players must answer questions such as: What happens next? What colour swim shorts was he wearing? Which country is this Islander from? The game works by stepping on platforms A, B and C until the platform with the right answer lights up. With three rounds, each containing five questions, being broadcasted four times a day (to cover all time zones), players will never miss out on proving who’s the biggest Love Island expert around; with all participants receiving an exclusive pin to show off. A special release of new clothing and furni, plus the extension of the existing Love Island room into the World of Love Island area will guarantee to keep the summer vibes flowing.

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