Demo Hello Neighbor 2 launches on Steam

They say you can’t go home again, but there’s nothing stopping you from visiting your old neighbors. This September 20th, tinyBuild are inviting everyone back to the Peterson house for an early investigation through the world of Hello Neighbor 2. Get your best sneaking shoes ready and your thinking cap on for a self-contained stealth horror adventure that separate from the upcoming full game, out on December 6th.

Hello Neighbor 2 is bringing the stealthy horror action of the cult classic series to an open world this December. Unravelling an entire twisted town’s mysteries is going to be a long and tough job for investigative journalist Quentin, so why not start with a single house? Reclusive inventor Theodore Peterson has something to do with the missing children in the town. Find out exactly what he’s hiding in this one-shot adventure. Just tread carefully… They say he roams its halls by night.

The Hello Neighbor 2 demo launches on Steam on September 20th, with the full game releasing on December 6h. Pre-orders are open now on PC (Steam or Epic), Xbox or PlayStation, giving immediate access to the open Beta. Owners of the Deluxe edition will be able to play five days early, and begin their investigation of Raven Brooks on December 1st.

About Hello Neighbor franchise

Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS, the horror video game was followed by both a prequel (Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek) and a multiplayer spin-off (Secret Neighbor). Over 40 million people play Hello Neighbor. The game’s audience consists mainly of children 8-16 years old located in the US, China, Russia, Germany, France, South America.

Hello Neighbor 2 is being developed by Netherlands-based Eerie Guest Studios (tinyBuild acquired the dev team earlier this year) and is coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in 2022.

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