Hello Neighbor: Search & Rescue coming to PlayStation VR2

Hello Neighbor Search & Rescue
Hello Neighbor Search & Rescue

Developers Steel Wool Studios and publisher tinyBuild invite you to take a closer look at what your mysterious neighbor Mr. Peterson has been up to. Coming soon to PlayStation VR and VR2, Hello Neighbor : Search & Rescue brings players truly face-to-face with the many dangers of this cult horror-puzzle franchise. Check out the trailer below.

The old Peterson house has always been a legend among the local kids. What’s going on there? Why can the sounds of power-tools be heard late into the night? It’s up to a team of six young neighborhood heroes to crack the mystery, confront their fears and infiltrate the twisted house in search of their missing friend. Will they spring their pal, or become prisoners too?

In Hello Neighbor: Search And Rescue, players will have to master the unique abilities of six different pint-sized protagonists, crack puzzles, uncover mysteries and evade the roaming Mr. Peterson. He might not be the only danger roaming the halls either; there’s something truly strange going on in this building. The world can be scary enough from a child’s perspective and downright terrifying when you’re lost in a mad inventor’s lair!

Supporting both the cutting edge PlayStation VR2 headset and the classic PlayStation VR hardware, Hello Neighbor: Search & Rescue will be cross-buy on release. Stay tuned for more details, including the release date.

About Hello Neighbor franchise

Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS, the horror video game was followed by both a prequel (Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek) and a multiplayer spin-off (Secret Neighbor). Over 40 million people play Hello Neighbor. The game’s audience consists mainly of children 8-16 years old located in the US, China, Russia, Germany, France, South America.

About tinyBuild
tinyBuild is a Seattle-based indie label behind the Hello Neighbor franchise and over 30 other renowned titles, including Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and Party Hard. With additional development offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Riga, Latvia and Boise, Idaho, tinyBuild is rapidly building a portfolio of fun, high-quality games across multiple platforms.

About Steel Wool Studios
Steel Wool Studios, AKA Steel Wool Games is an independent studio of 20-ish superstars based in Oakland, CA. We create games. Sounds simple but it is a little more complex. We create games for entertainment as well as create games for enterprise projects. What does that mean? We use our game-making skills to both make games for fun but also to help in different areas such as Virtual Training and Virtual Therapy. Games are a universal language that has so many applications across the world and across different mediums. It is a common thread that binds us together and allows us to use our passion to help make others happy. 
Fortified by veterans of Pixar, Midway, HTC, Intel, and Telltale Games who bring decades of experience in collaboration with an insanely talented crew of artists and engineers looking to help define the next decade of gaming. We’re so lucky to be able to work together and share a vision of what we want Steel Wool Studios to be.


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