Green Hell: Spirits of Amazonia 1 & 2 Content Upate Released

Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia 1 & 2
Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia 1 & 2

In part 1 of Spirits of Amazonia, players will step back into Jake’s shoes as he befriends an Amazonian tribe for the first time, and in part 2 the journey will continue with more content including new Legendary Quests and fully revised map areas. Spirits of Amazonia will introduce players to new activities, enemies, items, and animals alongside upping the challenge with Hard Mode.

Green Hell arrived on PC in Steam Early Access in August 2018 and successfully launched in September 2019. In that time and beyond, Green Hell made its way to consoles, has seen over 3 million players to date, and also received countless improvements along the way.

From its beginning as a survival title that challenged players to manage everything from their nutritional needs to their own sanity, Creepy Jar relentlessly added more and more content to make Green Hell a fully robust and deep experience.

Green Hell – Spirits of Amazonia 1 & 2 Console Edition – Release Trailer

Whether it was the addition of the compelling and mysterious Story Mode where players came to the aid of a remote Amazonian tribe, or the arrival of the much-requested co-op mode where up to 4 players can tackle their challenges together, Creepy Jar has been committed to building upon Green Hell’s already stellar content on a regular basis. By listening to their player-base, and providing them with the best community support possible, they’re intent on continuing to improve the Green Hell experience even further, and that includes being hard at work on a proper next-generation upgrade for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Continuing with that commitment, Creepy Jar is planning to release part 3 of Spirits of Amazonia for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as two updates for PC players— Animal Husbandry and the Building Update—later this year.