Grand Fantasia’s ‘Trials and Theaters’ Patch Released

Gamigo challenges all Sprite Messengers to master the Mirage Trials and Crystal Dungeons in Patch 42 “Trials and Theaters” for Grand Fantasia.

The following adventures await all Messengers in patch 42

  • Mirage Trial – Laser: The first of the Mirage Trials will be initiated when Messengers travel to either of the capital cities to accept the quest. After they enter the dungeon, they will need to face mechanical soldiers and ultimately the three bosses Artes, Shuchita and Carte.
  • Mirage Trial – Mecha: The Trials aren’t over yet! This second dungeon pits Messengers against the bosses War Machine, Mecha Magic Doll and the Armored Butcher.
  • Crystal Theater: Havanera: At message boards in capital cities, players will encounter the ticket seller Rolle. He will book your trip to Havanera where bosses will oppose you.
  • Crystal Theater: Tsepish: Tsepish is the next Crystal Theater wherethe bosses already wait for brave Messengers. Successfully completing these tasks in both Theaters can not only earn you a Crystal Theater Membership Loyalty Card, but also the Muscular Babama Mount – which has to be seen to be believed as Messengers literally are transported about by a giant!

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