Government Simulator 2 gameplay video is available

Government Simulator 2 gameplay video is available
Government Simulator 2 gameplay video is available

Ambiera is happy to announce their next upcoming game “Government Simulator 2”. The first screenshots and gameplay video is available, and there is also a Steam page already.

“Government Simulator 2” is the successor to the economic and political simulation game “Government Simulator”. It is based on real-world statistics and data and lets you control a whole country, like the USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Italy, and others: Change laws, taxes and budgets, and see what happens. Manage emergencies, impose tariffs, start wars.

The game includes a modernized simulation engine, support for simulation emergencies and situations, economic relations, social media, and a lot more.

In the Government Simulator 2, you can do for example

  • Turn the USA into a dictatorship or a social paradise
  • Start a war with China
  • Handle emergencies like engery crisis, pandemics, earthquakes
  • Make Russia a capitalist utopia
  • Introduce an excess profits tax or a combustion engine ban
  • Turn Germany into a third world country
  • Experiment with universal basic income
  • and much more

Platforms: PC
Release date: December 2022
Steam Page:
Youtube trailer:
Official Website: