Go Fight Fantastic participates in the Steam Bash Bash event with a demo

Go Fight Fantastic is a co-operative hack ‘n slash game for up to three players, where your fighters must combine their unique combat styles and abilities to repel a mighty invading force.

In celebration of something close to our hearts, namely bashing baddies senseless up close ‘n personal, Go Fight Fantastic participates in the Steam Bash Bash event with a demo between September 19th-26thVisit the Go Fight Fantastic Steam page to beam straight into combat today!

About the Go Fight Fantastic Sneak Peek Demo

Get a small taste of the Story Mode set on a lush bird planet or see how long you can survive an onslaught aboard your spaceship in Horde Mode. Choose between characters from four different classes – Tank, Striker, Controller and Healer – and switch between them effortlessly in solo play or bring a couple of friends for local multiplayer/couch co-op (note: online multiplayer isn’t enabled in this sneak peek demo but will be when the game is released).

The demo goes live on PC Steam Monday September 19th at 10AM PDT/7PM CEST and ends Monday September 26th at 10AM PDT/7PM CEST.

Go Fight Fantastic is developed by Dinomite Games based in Uppsala, Sweden and published by Kinda Brave, a sustainability-focused games publisher launched earlier this year. Go Fight Fantastic is set to release sometime during 2023. Wishlist Go Fight Fantastic or join the Discord today.

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