Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne Steam Page Launched

Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne is a character driven, action adventure game in 3D, based on the multiple Hugo award winning graphic novel series “Girl Genius™ , by authors Phil & Kaja Foglio”.

You play As Agatha, the lost child who returns to the ruins of her ancestral home she finally has the opportunity to learn where she comes from. She’s a strong Spark and the last known member of the infamous Heterodyne family. Initially she was known by the name Agatha Clay. By the end of the First Journey she has taken possession of Castle Heterodyne and Mechanicsburg at large, earning her the indisputable title of Lady Heterodyne.
 Game Features

  • As a genius SPARK, Agatha solves her problems with the power of MAD SCIENCE.
  • Build tools like the Grapple Gun and the Wrencherang at the Workbench, and use your tools to explore and solve the castle’s challenges.
  • Discover numerous sights and secrets, by being perceptive and using your tools to the fullest.
  • Defeat foes in furious melee combat, and utilize the environment to your advantage using your tools.
  • Use your trusty Dingbot minion to explore places Agatha can’t get to, by digging underground and moving in tight spaces. Use the Dingbot to solve lock puzzles, and operate the internal machinery in the castle.
  • As Agatha’s power over the castle grows, command the castle AI to release traps at your foes, and activate mechanisms.
  • Use the unique “Build System”, rebuilding scrap traps into objects like the Springclank, Grappleclank and the special Rollerclank, giving the player a suite of tools for creative spatial puzzle solving.
  • Interact with several of the fantastic characters from “Girl Genius™”, like Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Tarvek Sturmvoraus and many others.

“We are striving to create an exciting action-adventure game for players of all ages. While the game draws inspiration from other big titles in the genre, we are also innovating, in particular with the exciting “Build System”, allowing the player a suite of tools to explore spatial puzzles in creative ways.”,

Kenneth Engelsen, Game Director says.

The game is a mixture of a fantasy and steampunk that has a specific term “Gaslamp fantasy” and was supported by Kickstarter’s campaign (4,691 backers).

“Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne” is still available for pre-ordering through Backerkit:

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