RPG Gedonia comes out of Early Access October 15th


An ambitious, one man developed, open world RPG Gedonia comes out of Early Access on October 15th after 2,5 years there. 

With impressive almost 1300 reviews on steam and solid 90% positive review score, Gedonia is a huge achievement for one indie developer Oleg Kazakov from small town in Russia. How did it earn such a response?

The game is an old-school RPG with a complete freedom of exploring fairly huge 10km2-sized world, filled with tons of unique hand-made content and places to explore. More than 70 quests with multiple endings, 15+ dungeons with unique mechanics and puzzles, animated and voice-acted main storyline and different secrets and hidden spots to uncover, the game offers quite a lot of content for its small price. 

Not to mention an ability to build your own house, fly a dragon, or become a necromancer lord! 

The game had a succesful Early Access development, and Oleg plans to support it after release with huge expansion packs and updates for atleast few years down the road.

Watch the launch trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPxXrSPiKTU

Main game features:

  • Complete freedom of building unique characters in any way you want
  • Tons of content out in the open world to explore
  • Building and farming system
  • Deep crafting system
  • Out of the box mod support

The game will be out of Early access October 15th and will be priced at 14.99$



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