‘Garden Affairs’ Version 2.0 Island Expansion is available

Your childhood home of Matchview is getting an impressive update in Version 2.0, bringing you an entire new island to explore and renovate. Grab your friends the designer Alice and the florist Joey, get comfortable, and set sail for all the new content to enjoy! Download Now for Android and iOS!

Garden Affairs is the new match-3 and home decoration puzzler that made its global debut in March. Renovateers got to experience the beautiful hand-drawn artwork and cut-scenes that accompanied the engaging story of love, betrayal, and friendship. After many warm reviews from the now millions of players, the game introduced several new features to continuously improve the renovation experience, such as teams and plenty of cooperative and competitive events.

In Version 2.0, Garden Affairs is getting more events, more story chapters, more team functions, and definitely a lot more levels! After finishing the main mansion estate, players set sail to explore one of your uncle Charles’ many treasures, a private island. Uncover all of the mysteries and meet new characters as you decorate new areas. All top players are invited to join the “Master Awards” to compete against the best of the best in this new endless game-mode!

For newer players, experience fun and relaxing match-3 levels through our new and improved teams! You can chat, send help, compete together, share on Facebook and even send cute dog stickers in the newest team interface. For solo players, several recurring collection events, like the newest “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, will challenge and change how you experience match-3.

Finally, participate in the current annual “Little Red Fest”, featuring the cutest red panda! Unlock free rewards and boosters as you complete levels, or grab the VIP Pass to welcome Little Red to your mansion. In addition to more in-game connectivity with Facebook, and to give thanks to our community of Renovateers, we’re currently holding a Community Event and giveaway to celebrate the Little Red Fest! Check it out on our Official Facebook Page.

Here’s a second glance at what’s in the Garden Affairs Version 2.0 Island Expansion:

  • Over 1900 levels currently available with over 50 story chapters
  • Decorate an entire mansion, now with a new island to explore, renovate and design
  • Many individual and team events that give free rewards
  • Season passes to unlock exclusive premium items, like a red panda in Little Red Fest
  • More pets, locations, outfits, team battles, and even gameplay formats are gradually making their way into the game with each update.

Garden Affairs is available worldwide in 13 languages on Android from the Google Play Store and on iOS from the App Store. Download Now!

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