Safia’s character story awaits you in “Furry Knight Break”

Safia’s character story awaits you in “Furry Knight Break”
Safia’s character story awaits you in “Furry Knight Break”

X-DESIGN Co., Ltd. is excited to announce the addition of a new character story in “Furry Knight Break”: the wizard feline Safia!

■Safia’s character story awaits you in “Furry Knight Break”!

“mofumofeel”, the newly founded EX-DESIGN GAMES division focused on fluffy characters, has just added a new character story for its mobile action puzzle game “Furry Knight Break”. Find out all about Safia, the feline wizard!

Character introduction: Safia

She’s a furry wizard of many talents. Whether you need curative spells or enchantments of all sorts, she’s the cat you need.
She grew up in the same orphanage as Joanna, and the two are like sisters to each other.

Furry Knight Break, iOS version

Furry Knight Break, Android version
We released a special illustration to celebrate 3,000 pre-registrations!

Official Social Media Accounts
Follow the official Furry Knight Break social media accounts to see exclusive illustrations showing the knights’ day to day life and read interesting info about the game’s development process!

Furry Knight Break Website

Furry Knight Break Official Twitter Account

Furry Knight Break Official Facebook Page (English)

About Furry Knight Break

Break-on the knights’ armor with a simple tapping mechanic!
Furry girls + knights + action/puzzle!
What if you were reincarnated as a great blacksmith?!
Free those poor fluffy things as soon as possible, with your own hands!

Simple and satisfying! Tap the armor to break it!
Play through the action/puzzle levels to save the furry knights! The cause of all their troubles is the mark of the curse… tap it just right and that armor will pop right off! Help them take it off right now!

Play through emotional scenarios and deepen your bonds with the knights!
After you save them, give them gifts, and you could even unlock new stories and levels!


  • Title: Furry Knight Break!
  • Release date: September 9th, 2022 (Friday)
  • Price: Free to play (contains in-app purchases)
  • Genre: Action/puzzle
  • Available on: App Store/Google Play Store
  • Website:


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