Freud’s Bones Gets A Brand New Update


The One-Woman Dev “team” Fortuna Imperatore, known as Axel Fox, is thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new update to her award winning debut project, Freud’s Bones, live on Steam right now! The Narrative Adventure submerging players in the psyche of the Father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, is officially playable in English, and will be on a 30% sale from today next week, here on Steam!

Cramped and dusty, Freud’s office is the daily theater of fluid life, patients sprawling on his infamous couch in search of a remedy that will free them from the poisons of the unconscious. Dr. Freud, however, also has family ties: a wife grown weary of her husband’s blues, a rebellious daughter, an empathetic sister-in-law, all which, amongst other greats from the era such as Carl Jung and Salvador Dalí, shall put Freud’s sanity to the test!

Freud’s Bones Game Features

  • Save or condemn neurotic, perverse and hysterical patients!
  • Increase Freud’s fame by gaining praise from the community.
  • Use Tobacco to relax or cocaine to psyche Dr. Freud up, but be careful to not abuse these substances!
  • Walk through Vienna and visit Café Eckmann to get money out of the bourgeois bigots and use it to print your studies.
  • Solve the riddle of Anubis, the Egyptian artifact that delivers dark judgments about Dr. Freud.

Deal with your very own patients, carved from real life:

  • Elsa Kovács: the marble-legged woman. Paralyzed and angry, Elsa is reluctant to take her medication
  • Johanna Mayer: the woman with the angry stomach. Traumatized and curious, Johanna lives in isolation and copes with her failed suicide attempt.
  • Julian Holden: the man with the clenched jaw. Misogynistic and restless, Julian lives subjugated by repressed memories.
  • Joseph Bishof: the time traveler. Irrational and haughty, Joseph claims to be called “Cassandra”, convinced he can predict the future and travel through time.

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