Fractured Online enters Steam Early Access With Additional Details

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are pleased to offer additional details in preparation of the September 15th Steam Early Access launch for the first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG, Fractured Online. Details include information regarding the game’s newest race, The Wildfolk, and their home planet of Arboreus along with news concerning the completion of its Closed Beta test.

Once Fractured Online enters Steam Early Access next week, one of the major changes players will experience is the opportunity to create a character as the new Wildfolk race, which favor the new cooperative playstyle. The Wildfolk show a strong attachment to nature, living in harmony and fighting anything that threatens the balance of their lands. This bond with nature grants them a natural affinity towards druid magic, drawing power directly from the planet, and are capable of morphing into their animal counterpart at will. The Wildfolk are also unique in that they have sub-races that include the tiger-like Chadra, the wolf-kin Udoadra, the bear-kin Nheedra, and the hart-kin Erwydra. Each sub-race has its own strengths and weaknesses, such as the Chadra being capable warriors that lean more towards fighting, while the Erwydra are more inclined to practice magic as they are extremely intelligent and have an excellent memory. Fractured Online’s Steam Early Access launch will make the Chadra and Erwydra sub-classes available while the Udoadra and Nheedra will be included in a future update.

Considering The Wildfolk’s rapport with nature, it should come as no surprise why they chose Arboreus to call home with its lush, vibrant vegetation and raw, primal energy. In fact, out of the three planets, Arboreus retained most of Elysium’s characteristics – which is the original planet where Humans, Wildfolk, and Demons lived together – and is the only planet still capable of naturally producing magical crystals. Wood is also in abundance on this planet, allowing Wildfolk to use it for building villages while reserving stone blocks for its main structures.

To learn more about The Wildfolk and Arboreus, please visit the latest Feature Spotlight:

In addition to the inclusion of a new planet and race, the Steam Early Access launch marks another major milestone: the end of Fractured Online’s Closed Beta test. Starting on September 11 at 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST until September 12, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST, a special “Monster’s Pandemonium” community event will take place that will have all sorts of monsters invading cities across Myr and Aerhen. At the end of the event, the servers will go offline and be wiped in preparation for a fresh server to go online on September 15, 4PM CEST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST.

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