Fitness Game “Fitment” is available for early access on both Android and iOS

Minnesota-based game studio Glossbird Inc. announced today that its debut mobile fitness game Fitment is now available for early access on both Android and iOS. Taking a different approach from other exercise games and apps, Fitment aims for a cozy, accessible, and positive experience in order to help its players develop healthy habits and make regular exercise more convenient and less intimidating.

“For the Fitment game, we took inspiration from extremely popular games like Wii Fit, Duolingo, and Animal Crossing to deliver a comfy experience for people who want to introduce small and easy workouts into their busy schedules,” said Alina Matson, Glossbird founder. Matson is an experienced engineer and developer with several years experience in the Bay Area, LA, and Seattle for Y Combinator startups and others, including Motivo, Coral, Opal Camera, and Meta’s new Concept Design team, working on the future of the metaverse and gaming.

She added that Fitment’s friendly and welcoming cute art style and streamlined user interface make it fun and easy to use for players of all ages.

Players are guided by a host of cute characters including Monroe, a friendly anthropomorphic dog who accompanies you on your journey to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Serving as a motivator and workout buddy, Fitbuddies demonstrates each workout move as they exercise along with the player. After each workout, players are rewarded with coins they can use to purchase charming collectibles in order to stay motivated to build healthy habits.

At launch, players will have access to 25 workout moves, more than two dozen items such as furniture items and outfits, plus more content is in the works. As a bonus, early adopters will also receive a launch-exclusive item: a pair of angel wings for being an Early Access angel.

Key Features of Fitment

• Three different workout modes – Choose between three types of exercises each session for an adapted microworkout: Standard, Sitting, or Stretching.
• Customize your room – Exercising earns coins you can use to purchase furniture, items, and even pets to decorate your virtual apartment.
• Show off your fashion sense- Unlock new outfits for your “fitbuddies” to wear.
• Unlock new exercises – Discover and collect new exercises as you progress through the game, keeping workouts fresh and interesting.
• Challenge your friends – Exercising and staying motivated is always easier with friends. Send challenges to your friends and earn coins together.

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