Family Man comes to Switch and Xbox

Family Man comes to Switch and Xbox
Family Man comes to Switch and Xbox

Family Man, the 18-rated, Breaking Bad-inspired RPG from Broken Bear Games and No More Robots, is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One next week, on September 14.

Created entirely by a single person, Family Man asks the question:

How far would you go for your family?

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You owe money to the mob, and you’ve got three weeks to pay it back. Will you flip burgers and earn an honest living while scraping the money together… or will you take on some dirty jobs for more cash, but potentially push your family away?

Explore Riverport, and decide how you want to deal with each situation that arises. Every choice you make affects the neighborhood and your family, with dozens of missions and side-quests to discover.

With multiple different endings to find based on your morality, Family Man will cost $19.99, and releases on September 14.