Eximius: Seize the Frontline Season 3 Update Revamps Graphics with Unreal Engine 5, Overhauls Units

 Eximius: Seize the Frontline, the strategy shooter hybrid from Ammobox Studios seamlessly blending FPS and RTS action, marches onto the battlefield with Season 3, “The Breakthrough,” update alongside an official launch on Epic Game Store with full cross-platform multiplayer tomorrow, Dec. 29, 2022.

Get the lay of the land in a whole new light with fully revamped graphics and optimization systems courtesy of Unreal Engine 5. Recruit freshly reworked units from Support Crawler, APC, Specialist, Armory and Deployed Mule, and Service Ironguard to round out a capable team of commandos. Unite the squadron with seven distinct skins, including two premium options, and enjoy newly implemented key remapping potentials in addition to other exciting updates.

Rival security contractors compete for total control over a devolving dystopian world. The field is dominated by two forces, the Axeron Corporation, a private research organization known as AXR, and the Global Security Force, a peacekeeping organization known as GSF. Both sides hold the irrevocable belief that their status quo will pull society from its downfall, and will stop at nothing to achieve complete authority.

Skillfully meld tactical gameplay with real-time strategy and assemble a powerful team of hand-picked units to engage in 5v5 squad-based combat. Set up camp and train an unstoppable battalion of soldiers as acting Commander on the RTS side. Then, switch into the first-person shooter role to neutralize combatants and gather resources to upgrade forces for the next skirmish. 

Eximius: Seize the Frontline continues to expand with even more opportunities for growth and experimentation, and we at Ammobox couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Jeremy Choo, Director, Ammobox Studios. “We strive to offer commanders ample choice in how they play between real-time strategy and first-person shooter styles. We’re proud to bring Eximius’ fully upgraded systems to fans today, and look forward to introducing new divisions to the AXR and GSF forces in the very near future!”

Eximius: Seize the Frontline is available now, including the Season 3 update, on Epic Game Store for free as a part of their weekly giveaway as well as Windows PC via Steam and the Humble Store at a 75% launch-week discount for $7.49. Following the conclusion of the sale, the permanent price will be lowered to $19.99. Eximius features English, German, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language support.

To learn more, visit the official site and join the community on TwitterFacebook, and Discord.

About Ammobox Studios

Ammobox Studios is an independent developer based in Malaysia. Founded on the core concepts of innovation and a people-first studio culture, they seek to deliver memorable experiences by innovating on classic mechanics. Eximius: Seize the Frontline is their debut title.

For more on Ammobox Studios, please visit the official website.

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