Dislyte released a dazzling new music video

The beats are getting seriously sick in Dislyte this week with the announcement of a first-of-its-kind community event called the Artifact Card Event available for players on mobile devices.

Starting today and going until September 31, players will collect the weapons from the four mythologies (Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian) and redeem them for a range of in-game rewards. This is done by collecting and turning in Artifact Cards, and there are a few different ways to collect them. Players will receive an Artifact Card for every summon, and completing Daily Logins and Event Tasks also increases the chances of receiving Artifact Cards. In addition to the in-game rewards, players also have the opportunity to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max or a pair of AirPods Pro!

Kicking off the event, the team behind Dislyte released a dazzling new music video showcasing the backstory of Gaius, the new five-star Esper blessed with the powers of almighty Zeus. Punctuated with jolts of thrilling action and vividly saturated scenery, get a glimpse into Gaius’ past and what put him on his morally grey quest for justice.

About Dislyte

The year is 2027, and evil freely roams the streets in the realm of Dislyte. Assemble a team of five gorgeously 3D rendered heroes, each with their own unique abilities based on mythological gods from varying cultures, like Anubis, Medusa, Loki, Poseidon, Gaia, Fenrir, Hercules, and many more. Will you use your powers for good and save humanity from the brink of total annihilation, or will you watch society crumble at the hands of ancient evil?

Dislyte delivers a chic, urban atmosphere and interwoven plot, punctuated by intense, tactical combat. Using classic turn-based gameplay, players engage enemies and other threats to the beat of trance-inducing EDM tunes, creating battles that are not only fiendishly difficult but also smooth and dynamic. With the in-game arena, players are able to practice their skills by competing against fellow Espers.

Dislyte is available now on the App Store and Google Play:
iOS App Store | Android Google Play

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