Desert Revenant on Steam Early Access

Kreationware are pleased to announce that Desert Revenant is hitting Early Access on September 22nd! After a successful run at Steam Next Fest, alphas, betas and improvements based on community feedback, Kreationware are unleashing Desert Revenant into Early Access! Join the official Discord and visit the Steam store page today and prepare to begin your journey amongst the enchanted dunes of Elmyr’s arcane desert.

Desert Revenant is a roguelike deckbuilding RPG that emphasizes game knowledge and skill over grind. Taking place in an interesting and storyful world, where the sand hides secrets, and revolt is in play, there are many interesting and dangerous enemies and bosses that you will run into as you forge your path through Elmyr. Think about your every move and make careful decisions in hand-crafted encounters as you cut deals with Jinn and humans alike in your adventures amongst the dunes.

Game Features Desert Revenant

  • Collect new cards, talents, and buffs offered by the Wish Jinn!
  • Go head-to-head with NPCs wielding cards specially made for them, and them alone
  • Experience an entirely new map dynamic with more gameplay modifiers to make runs unique and impactful
  • Delve into riveting, detailed lore with NPC’s having more stories to tell, and more ways to interact with players
  • Set your own pace by discovering cards slowly as the game progresses, building your arsenal from the ground upEnjoy an enhanced overall UI and quality of life features!
  • Challenge yourself with a score system, active leaderboards, and even more Steam achievements for every completionist

The sun burns your eyes, mirage hovers and shakes over the sands of Elmyr, you know that your journey will lead you to adventure and danger, the likes of which you can’t conceive.

The sands of Elmyr await, do you have the brains and the brawn to survive? Or will the past repeat itself once again, and you fall into perdition.

Links Desert Revenant

Desert Revenant | Steam
Kreationware | Discord
Kreationware | Twitter
Kreationware | Instagram
Kreationware | Facebook
Kreationware | Reddit
Kreationware | YouTube

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