Deck 13 Spotlight brings a variety of games to Steam Next Festival

Spindle Steam Game Logo
Spindle Steam Game Logo

Deck 13 Spotlight values and supports a strong bond between developers and their communities.The indie game market both grows and falls with its community. When sharing news about the current stage of a production, a mutual understanding unites the developers and the fans of the game. The Steam Next Festival is thus a great opportunity to bring the developers and the community of a game together and give all Steam users some insight on the works in progress. With this in mind, Deck 13 Spotlight has made a selection of games in development to take part in this year’s Steam Next Festival, offering players the chance to preview titles which are still far from the day of their release. 

Get a glimpse inside the fog of Drova – Forsaken Kin

In this open-world, hand-drawn pixel action-RPG inspired by old classics, you discover a dark, dreary world full of monsters, secrets and trees to sit on. Once you’ve found the perfect weapon for your cause, learn and hone your skills along the way. Society is split into two factions with their own goals, which one will you side with?

Elements Destiny playable for the first time

The elements, strong wielders and beautiful pixel-art. Already in production for some time now, a first look at this JRPG is finally available. Travel along with Erika and her allies to rescue Solitas before it’s too late. Surround yourself with capable fighters and take on strong foes. Not everybody supports you in your task, sometimes even your own fears take over your mind. Will you be strong enough to withstand it all?

Spindle shows off more cute piggy content

What could go wrong, when you let a cute reaper and its pig travel the world? They surely won’t do anything mischievous. Or will they? In this Zelda-inspired RPG you discover a colorful world in a cute pixel-art style and get to travel around with your friend, a pig! Enjoy some classic Zelda-like puzzles and rekindle those childhood memories. 

The Demos for SpindleDrova and Elements Destiny are now available to play on Steam. All three titles will be released in 2023—the developers are giving it their all. Additionally, make sure to check out the demos for Chained Echoes, a JRPG which will release later this year, as well as the demo for medieval turn-based strategy game Rising Lords. Wishlist them now to not miss a thing!


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