CROWZ has an updated map ‘Fin Bay’ and loot system


ThumbAge and Royal Crow announced today that it has updated a new map of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter, CROWZ.

In this update, a new map has arrived – “Fin Bay”, the new map of Blood Zone, also Loot system in Selrain valley and toxic gas grenades are added, enabling a more dynamic and exciting game play.

First of all, in “Fin Bay”, players have to engage in an eight-to-eight quick battle to take over the main occupied territory. In addition, there is no ammunition support and vehicles and the meteorite falls, which leads to more intense battles.

A Loot system has been added to the Selrain valley map, so players can earn points by collecting ‘Q-on’ generated at a certain time from a miner placed in the enemy’s occupied territory.

However, if the player dies while moving, the ‘Q-on’ is dropped on the place, and the Q-on acquired once cannot be transferred to another person.

Also, toxic gas grenades, a new weapon was added, and User Interface (UI) and character animation were optimized and the system was improved.